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Your Cover Letter Sells You

by Stefanie Spikell,
The William Shakespeare of Resume Writing/Career Coaching

Everyone has always been told not to judge a book by its cover. If this is the rule, then what makes you want to read a book? Of course you are going to look at the cover to decide if you are interested in the rest of the book. You may also flip to the back cover of the book to read a brief summary of the book. You will want to read the reviews that critics gave the book so you will know what kind of quality to expect. The same holds true for the cover letter than accompanies your resume.  It serves as book jacket to your resume, providing information that piques interest, but does not give the entire story away. A good  cover letter explains your story line and makes hiring managers eager to find out more about you.

Here are the important points to remember about cover letters:

          Address it to a specific person, if possible.

          Tell why you are especially interested in the company.

          Demonstrate your desire for the job and tell why you are qualified.

          Assure the hiring manager that you will be in touch in the near future.

 Remember, your cover letter is the introduction to your resume and you want the reader to be anxious to get to the information provided there, so be sure to highlight your accomplishments.

Stefanie Spikell, owner of two companies, Expert Resumes and Clear Communications Business Consulting (, is a noted business/careers coach, management consultant and resume writer. In her 20-year career, she has managed marketing communications departments for major engineering firms, taught at the university level, published hundreds of business-related reports and articles, and written thousands of winning resumes.