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Our Guarantee

You've traveled to dozens of resume web sites, haven't you? And you've seen all kinds of gimmicks offered to gain your business. One of the ones that seems to offer the best guarantee includes the offer of a "free resume re-write" if you don't get an interview.

Think about that. You sought out a professional to assess your skills and re-work your resume. You compared several services that seemed pretty similar - and then you selected the one that offered you something extra - or so you thought - and you picked the one that would give you more of what they possibly didn't give you the first time…………..a resume that gets results.

Something is wrong with that offer. A solid professional won't guarantee that you'll get an interview, because they have no way of knowing what the trends and needs are in your particular industry at that particular time. But a solid professional WILL provide you with the best sales tool you can have in your arsenal - a well-crafted resume that puts YOUR best foot forward.

Now, assume that resume didn't really work for you. Why would you want the person who supposedly gave you their best effort to re-craft the document? No, if the resume didn't work the first time, it's not likely to work on the second try.

Maybe what you need to do is have that resume re-evaluated by another professional to see what THEY would recommend. And that's what
EXPERT RESUMES offers by way of guarantee. If our resume does not get you the interview - which is what a resume is designed to do - we'll pay you $25 to have someone else evaluate it for you. I'm guessing you'll never need our guarantee, because every resume we write is thoughtfully produced to highlight YOUR best talents and make them stand out from the pack.

You pay a fair price for your resume - put your confidence in
EXPERT RESUMES, where we work diligently to satisfy you and where our customers are always satisfied. And come to think of it, if you've traveled to this site because you got burned somewhere else……………..we'll evaluate your current resume for FREE. Now that's an offer you can count on.